Cinque Terre - Fishing tour from Vernazza

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Fishing tour from Vernazza

Fishing tour from Vernazza

A new way to discover the Cinque Terre! Sailing along the coast you will experience history via wayfaring stories and historical artefacts found while fishing with nets in the depth of the Ligurian Sea. It's a voyage that not only illustrates but also demonstrates professional fishing techniques used by local fishermen. After casting the nets, you will share the fish and enjoy an aperitif of Cinque Terre DOC wine with the fisherman.

  • Available every day from April 1 to October 31.
  • Meeting point: Vernazza, 6:00PM.
  • Duration: 1.5-2 hours.
  • Price: 45 EUR/person.
  • Minimum 4, maximum 10 participants.
  • In English or Italian.

Price includes: boat tour with skipper and fishing activity, aperitif on board.

You should bring: comfortable clothing, camera.


We loved our trip with Franco (and his cousin Valerio who did all the translating for Franco). Franco was so proud of his boat and the Cinque Terre and he proudly showed us all his "treasures". His and Valerio's enthusiasm made it wonderful for us. The fishing trip (pulling up the nets) went on a little too long and got a bit boring, but because it was only the four of us with them, they held our attention. The best bit was actually when we got back to Vernazza harbour and Franco had a wine and cheese platter for us. The quality was outstanding and we felt very privileged; in fact we tried to source some of the products later ourselves. Franco was a little uncertain of his English skills and tended to let Valerio do the interaction with us, but we enjoyed our time with both of them. I hope that Franco gets to do more of these tours and he remains as enthusiastic as he was for us. PS I tried to find this tour on TripAdvisor to give it a 5/5 rating but couldn't find a listing.
The fishing trip was another very good experience, especially for my husband, Dan. Franco was really fun and friendly. The boat was clean and safe. Going out in the evening was a lovely, peaceful time of the day to be on the water to view Vernazza and Corniglia in the glow of the late sun. Franco showed us some historical artifacts that he has dredged up from the ocean, gave us some local history (with an English-language brochure) and pointed out some of the caves and vineyards. Once we arrived at the spot for putting out the fishing nets, he let my husband steer the boat, since Dan is experienced in boating. Franco also showed us some video shot underwater of the fish and vegetation in the area, which we found interesting. Franco was a lot of fun and we enjoyed some appetizers and local wine on the boat with him, plus some of his guitar playing, once we returned to Vernazza harbor. We then had plenty of time for dinner in one of the restaurants in the main piazza. Our only disappointment was not being able to see fish being brought up in the nets, since the nets are left out overnight, then emptied the next morning. However, the entire outing was so enjoyable, we really didn't mind this.
Deborah and Dan