Accommodation - General information

Accommodation – General information

As I get many questions regarding accommodation booking in the Cinque Terre, I have created this page to provide some useful information. I think it's worth reading it before you start looking for the perfect room, apartment, villa or luxury villa for your holiday.

Stay in one village

My first piece of advice is: stay in one place! From time to time I get requests for 5 nights in 5 different villages. People want to experience a different village every day. Or they want to hike carrying all their stuff and stay at another village each night. Believe me, hiking will be tiring enough even without your big backpacks.

Even if you stay in one place, you can enjoy a different village every day, as they are very close to each other, only a few minutes by train. Trains are running until late, so you can even enjoy your dinner and a drink in Vernazza, then take the train back to your Manarola apartment. Or the other way around.

If you stay in one place, you will save lot of time, as you won't have to pack and unpack, check in and check out every single day. Not to mention carrying your luggage up and down those steps. By the way, pack as light as possible! The Cinque Terre villages and the houses are full of steps and there are no elevators.

Live like a local in an apartment or villa

Don't look for big hotel chains here. Of course you can find some hotels in the Cinque Terre villages, mainly in Monterosso, but the number of rooms is limited. There is no space for new constructions or big buildings, which is good because the villages have already too many visitors.

I actually recommend staying in one of the privately rented rooms, apartments or villas. This way you can live like a local in the heart of the village or in the countryside with that cute Italian lady right next door. In addition, by renting a room, apartment or villa you can support a local family business.

Most apartments have a well equipped kitchen, and all apartments and rooms have a private bathroom. Many of them have a terrace or balcony, so you can sit outside with a glass of local wine and enjoy the view of the sea, the green hills or the colourful houses. Villas have gardens and most of them have a swimming pool as well.

Don't look for 5-star hotels or swimming pools

There is no 5-star hotel here. If you are looking for a high quality accommodation, choose one of the luxury apartments in the Cinque Terre or rent a villa or luxury villa in the area.

Also, there are no pools in the Cinque Terre villages. The Ligurian sea is wonderful, really no need for a pool here. But if you can't imagine your holiday without a swimming pool right by your house, there are some apartments and villas with pool available in the area, for example in La Spezia, Portovenere, Lerici or Sarzana.

No breakfast or dinner is offerred in the apartments, but I think going to the local bar for your morning coffee and trying a different trattoria every evening is part of the fun.

Book your room, apartment, villa or luxury villa with my help

I have been helping travellers to find the best possible accommodation for 10 years now. I have worked with different local rental agencies, apartment and villa owners, and by now I know I have found the best and most reliable partners.

The people I work with reply quickly, remember, in Italy that's a big thing! They keep their rooms, apartments and villas clean, they are helpful when you check-in, they don't overbook, they make sure you're enjoying your stay.

These things seem basic, yes they are, but believe me, it took me a few years to find the right people to work with.

And one more thing. If, instead of the international booking websites, you book your accommodation with my help, you are supporting a small family business. In exchange you get personalized offers, answers to any extra questions and of course all the free information you can read on this website.

Ask me for the exact prices

Prices include the cost of the room or apartment for one night, overhead expenses, linen and towels, unless otherwise mentioned. Prices depend on the number of people, the season when you are travelling and the length of your stay, so once I have all this information I will send you the exact prices. In case of the villas and luxury villas prices are for weekly rental, but you can also stay for less nights outside the main season.

By the way, length of stay. Unfortunately I cannot arrange bookings for 1 night only. Owners aks for at least 2 nights, but in most cases the minimum is actually 3 nights! There is so much to do and see in the Cinque Terre that you can easily spend 3 days here, but even weeks. Look at my website, look at all the places to see on the first page, and you will realise that even 2 weeks are not enough to see all that beauty.

Doubles, twins, sofa beds

Most places have European standard size double beds. Very few twin beds. So if you are looking for a place with twin beds, please let me know if you insist on twins, or if a double bed could also work. You will have a much wider selection with doubles.

If 4 of you are travelling together, you could have an apartment with a double bedroom and a living room with a double sofa bed. That's the cheaper option. There are apartments available with two seperate bedrooms, but those are more expensive of course. For bigger families and groups of friends a large villa could be the ideal solution.

How to send your inquiry?

For inquiry and booking, please use the booking form or write to Or just click on the button at the bottom of this page.

Do you prefer a central location close to the bars? Do you prefer a quiet room? Would you like to be close to the station? You don't mind climbing many steps to enjoy the greatest view? Your kids are small so you want to be close to the beach? You'd prefer a private villa hidden in the countryside?

Please give me as much information as possible so that I can recommend what I think could be suitable for you. I will send you a detailed description and photos of the rooms, villas and apartments available for your chosen dates.

How do bookings work?

What will happen if you like an accommodation and you would like to book it? Once I confirm it with the rental agency or the accommodation owner, I will send you a booking form to fill in.

Some owners are very flexible and don't ask for a deposit, but in most cases you have to pay them a 30% prepayment or give credit card guarantee. Cancellation policies also vary, but you can find below an example and in most cases conditions are similar.

Cancellation policy

  • Cancellation up to 20 days prior the arrival no penalty
  • Cancellation from 19 to 15 days prior the arrival penalty of 30% of the whole amount
  • Cancellation from 14 to 7 days prior the arrival penalty of 50% of the whole amount
  • Cancellation from 6 to 3 days prior the arrival penalty of 70% of the whole amount
  • Cancellation 48 hrs or less prior the arrival penalty of 100% of the whole amount

What else?

Once you have booked your accommodation, time to plan your activities as well. I truly believe that taking a sustainable and authentic local tour or renting a boat will be a highlight of your stay.

Choose from a wide range of sustainable and authentic tours.

Rent a boat with or without skipper.

Where else?

For many travellers the Cinque Terre is one stop of an Italian grand tour. Where are you going before and after the Cinque Terre? Let me know, and I am happy to help you with your travel planning and bookings in other areas of Italy as well.

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