Cinque Terre - Fishing with local fisherman

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Fishing with local fisherman


For those interested in fishing, we offer a very special experience: a tour with a local fisherman of Monterosso with his traditional fishing boat.

The tour starts at the time agreed with you in advance, we suggest the early morning or the afternoon. Enjoy the marvellous views over the Cinque Terre coastline with the picturesque villages and the Punta Mesco promontory in the golden afternoon sun. Help the fisherman to haul the fishing net that he had set out in the sea before. He uses traditional fishing techniques and will explain you his idea of sustainable fishing.

With a little luck, you will catch red breams and red mullets, hake, rays and small tuna fish. In the end, just lean back, relax with a drink and enjoy the sunset over the sea.

  • Available every day.
  • Meeting in Monterosso, time to be confirmed.
  • Duration: 2.5 hours.
  • Price: 295 EUR total.
  • Minimum 1, maximum 7 participants.
  • In English or Italian.

Price includes: boat tour with skipper and fishing activity, drinks on board.

You should bring: sunglasses, hat, camera and sweatshirt in case of cool weather.