Liguria - Lerici


Lerici is located on the east side of the Gulf of Poets, opposite to Portovenere. It's a very pretty seaside town with a beautiful promenade, a harbour with fishing and sailing boats, a large piazza with several bars and restaurants, tiny alleyways in the old town and an imposing castle. For centuries, this beautiful area has inspired international and Italian artists. The poet Shelley and his wife Mary Shelley also lived in Lerici in 1822. Shelley actually died here during a tempest.

Although close to Tuscany and the Cinque Terre, foreign tourists don't really know Lerici. On the other hand, it's a popular holiday destination among North Italian families. The beaches around Lerici are packed in July and August but the town is fairly quiet during the rest of the year.

The 13th-century Pisan Castle dominates the view of Lerici. If you walk up there, you will enjoy a nice panorama overlooking the town and the harbour. When I was climbing up to the castle, I met a nice lady who was 100 years old! She still went for a little walk every day which was quite a workout as her house was on a steep street. I guess those steps and of course living in this beautiful part of the world kept her healthy for that long.

You can drive to Lerici, arrive by bus from La Spezia or take the boat from Portovenere. There are beautiful beaches around here so make sure you bring your swimsuit with you. Once you are in Lerici, you should definitely visit Tellaro as well; it's walking distance but you can also take the bus.