I have been reading several articles about new travel trends, and it's all about active travel and authentic experiences. Instead of sitting on the beach all day, take some local tours in the Cinque Terre, La Spezia or some other areas of Liguria, and I am sure it will be the highlight of your trip. It's the best way to meet local people and it's nice to meet other travellers as well.

During a tour you can learn so much about the history of the area, local life and the people who live here. If you'd like to spend a day out on the sea, rent a boat, do a sailing trip or a kayak tour, enjoy the views from a SUP board, or discover underwater life during the diving tour. If you'd like to spend time in the surrounding hills, take a guided hike, an ebike or mountain bike tour. For the most adventurous, there is paragliding, rock climbing or wild water river trekking.

Don't forget about the gastronomy of the Cinque Terre. Choose a cooking course or a pesto class, learn to make pizza and focaccia, join a wine or olive oil tasting. You can find more information about every tour clicking on the photos below.

Food & wine

When travelling to the Cinque Terre, there are certain foods and drinks you just have to try. Pesto, focaccia, seafood, anchovies, local olive oil and white wine, limoncino, just to name a few of them.

Of course, you can do it all on your own but for a much better experience, participate in a gastronomic tour. Meet the wine maker in the vineyard, taste the wine in the wine cellar, visit the olive grove and learn about local olive oil, learn to make focaccia, pasta and pesto the traditional way, visit the market with a local chef and prepare some seafood dishes together. The experience will be so much more memorable than just sitting in a restaurant or wine bar.

Pesto course in Manarola

Learn to make pesto the traditional way while enjoying the most stunning view of Manarola above the sea.

Pesto course in Levanto

Visit the laboratory of pesto in the beautiful seaside village of Levanto and learn to prepare this ancient and well-known sauce.

Cooking course in La Spezia

Visit the fantastic market of La Spezia with a local chef and prepare some seafood dishes together.

Pizza and focaccia course in La Spezia

Learn to make pizza, Ligurian focaccia and bread from an Italian pizzaiolo and surprise your loved ones at home.

Online Italian cooking course

Enjoy an online Italian cooking course with Maria.

Sunset wine tour above Riomaggiore

Meet the winegrower in his vineyard with seaview, do a short hike, then taste his nice wines.

Wine experience in Manarola

Discover the viticulture traditions of Manarola with Alessandro, a local winemaker.

Wine tour in Bonassola

Visit an organic vineyard with beautiful seaview and taste the local wines.

Sensory wine tasting in Manarola

Taste 3 Cinque Terre white wines with a professional sommelier and visit the wine cellar.

Wine tasting in Manarola/Monterosso

Taste 3 different Cinque Terre wines with some local snacks in Manarola or Monterosso.

Olive oil mini course in La Spezia

Visit an olive farm in La Spezia and learn about olive oil with the help of an olive oil expert.

Food & wine tour in La Spezia

Stroll around La Spezia and stop at several locations to taste some specialties of Liguria.


You haven't seen the Cinque Terre until you see it from the sea. The villages look stunning from the water. For the best experience, rent a boat for your family or friends and spend an unforgettable day on the sea. Enjoy the amazing views and don't forget your bathing suit. I personally love swimming on tiny beaches that can only be reached by sea.

If you are staying in or around Portofino, check out the selection of beautiful boats and yachts for rent. Visit San Fruttuoso and Camogli by boat, and enjoy snorkeling in the protected marine area around the Portofino peninsula.

Renting a private boat from La Spezia is a great solution for those arriving by cruise ship in La Spezia. There are also several shared boat tours to choose from, they are cheaper than a private boat but also lots of fun. And if you are looking for something more active, try kayaking, SUP or diving.

Boat rental in Cinque Terre

Rent a private boat with or without skipper and enjoy a wonderful day on the sea.

Boat rental in Portofino

Rent a motorboat or yacht in Portofino and cruise around the beautiful peninsula.


Book this fantastic sailing tour for a really relaxing day out on the water.

Boat tours from Manarola

Choose the morning tour or the sunset cruise, and have a fun time with other travellers.

Relax boat tour from Vernazza

Try this relaxing boat tour from Vernazza, in the morning or at sunset.

Sunset cruise with dinner

This tour is for you if you'd like to combine a sunset boat tour with dinner on board.

Boat tours from various locations

Check out these various boat tours, all of them are great, and choose what is best for you.

Fishing with local fisherman

Spend time with a local fisherman and learn about traditional fishing techniques.

Big game fishing tour

Dreaming of a big fish? The Cinque Terre is a hot spot for catching the giant tuna.

Cinque Terre by kayak

The kayak tour is your best choice if you'd like to spend an active day on the sea.

SUP tour

I am a big fan of SUP, and Monterosso is a great place to try this trendy activity.


Discover the underwater life of the protected marine area of Portovenere.


There is so much to do in the Cinque Terre and the surrounding areas that you could easily spend long weeks here. Many people come for hiking, and if you'd prefer a guided tour, there are several hiking tours available. If you are only coming for a day, the Classic Cinque Terre tour could be a nice option for you. I think it's the perfect solution for those arriving by cruise ship in La Spezia. The self-guided Cinque Terre walking tours are also extremely popular.

If you are looking for a little more challenge, you might like the mountain bike tour, rock climbing, wild water river trekking or horseback riding. If you prefer something more relaxing, take a photo tour or a painting course.

Private Cinque Terre tours

Make the most of your stay in the Cinque Terre with the help of a professional local guide.

Self-guided hiking tour in the Cinque Terre

This is really popular! We make it easy for you, you just need to enjoy your hike.

Self-guided hike from Sestri Levante to Portovenere

Hike along the most beautiful strech of coastline in Liguria in a week.

Photo tour

Join a professional photographer and take pictures all your Instagram friends will be jealous of.

Painting course in Vernazza

Create a painting of Vernazza with the help of a professional artist who lives here.

Morning hike from Manarola

Let a local guide take you on one of the most beautiful trails of the Cinque Terre.

Private tours from La Spezia and Portovenere

Choose one of these tours if you are staying in La Spezia or Portovenere, or arriving by cruise ship.

Mountain bike tour

If you enjoy mountain biking, you'll love this tour with amazing seaview.

EBike tours

Choose from several different itineraries and discover the area from an ebike.

Rock climbing

Climbing above the sea will be fun for beginners and experienced climbers as well.

Volunteering in the Cinque Terre

Work alongside villagers in their vineyards and olive groves while enjoying breathtaking views.

Carrara marble tour

Visit Carrara and see the quarry where Michelangelo found the marble for his masterpieces.

Horseback riding in Lunigiana

Ride through Lunigiana, a wonderful area close to the Cinque Terre.

Wild water river trekking

Walk between the high walls of a canyon and swim in the clear water.

Private tours from Portofino

If you are staying in the Portofino area, take a look at these private tours.

Tours from Florence

Check out these day trips from Florence to the Cinque Terre.

Self-guided hiking tour in the Cinque Terre - Deluxe version

Walk on the best trails of the Cinque Terre and relax in our beautiful luxury apartments.


If you've tried paragliding before, don't miss the flight above the Cinque Terre. If you have never tried it, this is a great place to start. Flying above the Cinque Terre has been a highlight for many travellers.


A unique experience! Enjoy a bird's eye view of the Cinque Terre.