Cinque Terre - Limoncino video

Italian gastrotrip: how to make limoncino?

The 4th episode of our video series was made in the beautiful little store called BURASCA on the main street of Manarola. The owner, Cesare is a hard-working young man who is really passionate about cultivating his terraces above Manarola, his home village. He makes Cinque Terre DOC white wine, Sciacchetrá DOC dessert wine, olive oil, limoncino and other local products. Stop by at his store if you would like to buy some local products for yourself or if you are looking for some quality gifts from the Cinque Terre. I love his limoncino, his olive oil with lemon and the limoncino filled chocolates as well.

You can also buy his products online.

Gastronomy - Limoncino

In the first part of the video, Cesare explains how his limoncino is made. In the second part, Zsófi prepares a delicious dessert with Cesare's limoncino.

Italian gastrotrip: how to make limoncino?