Cinque Terre - Anniversary

Anniversary, birthday, marriage proposal

I've helped organise so many surprises in the past few years that by now, it has become a special service. I have to admit that these are my favourite projects! I love being part of a secret "plot" and set up a surprise in the Cinque Terre for someone who does not even suspect anything.

For some people the entire trip is a surprise, for a couple we had to make sure the apartment is big enough, as their friends joined them later, unexpectedly. A young man rented a sailboat to propose his girlfriend, while another man in love ordered a huge bunch of roses for their wine tasting. A gentleman surprised the newlyweds with a full-day boat rental, a fun girl took her best friend to the Cinque Terre for her 40th birthday and we organised several gastronomical programs for them.

My favourite was a couple who renewed their wedding wows in the church of Vernazza. So, the location is here, beautiful and romantic, now we just have to choose the right tour or other kind of surprise. All this on the quiet, of course. I believe that an experience in the Cinque Terre is worth more than diamonds!