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Wedding in Italy

If you would like to have a special wedding on the Italian Riviera or in Tuscany, I am happy to help you with the organisation. You can have the ceremony in the villages of the Cinque Terre, Levanto or Portovenere, while in Tuscany there are many beautiful locations. As everyone has different ideas about the big day, we will plan the program and discuss all the details according to your wishes. Let me share with you the photos and stories of Erzsébet and Zoltán, Virág and Janó, as well as Réka and Vilmos, who got married in the Cinque Terre and also spent part of their honeymoon here.

Erzsébet and Zoltán

As we all know, 2020 was a strange year. In January and February I was receiving more bookings than ever before, then later, because of Covid, most of the bookings were cancelled. Luckily during the summer we could breathe a little, so some people managed to travel, Erzsébet and Zoltán among them. They had a beautiful apartment booked in Corniglia, and a wedding booked in Riomaggiore. They were brave and adventurous, they did not cancel. Instead they got in their car, drove to the Cinque Terre and had the best time of their lives. Erzsébet sent me an e-mail once they returned home and allowed me to share it with you.

Dear Tamara! On August 19, 2020 we had an unforgettable day in the picture-perfect village of Riomaggiore, surrounded by wonderful people. It all started on December 31, 2019, when after a full day excursion in the Cinque Terre we were relaxing on the beach of Monterosso and decided to come back. Neither of us thought that we would be back within a year.

We were planning to make our relationship of over ten years official, but could not find a proper location in our own country, suitable for all our family and friends. So we contacted Tamara and things accelerated. We were planning our wedding for a day during our summer holiday, in the Cinque Terre. We stayed in an apartment in Corniglia, booked by Tamara, which was a great decision. During the day there were tourists coming and going, but in the evening there were just local people around and us, as we spent 8 nights in the village.

Between the villages we travelled by train, we enjoyed the local food together with Cinque Terre wines and limoncino. We did the same on our wedding day. We took the train to Riomaggiore, nicely dressed, going down the steps in Corniglia and going up the steps to the Town hall of Riomaggiore.

Our meeting was at 11AM, our interpreter, photographer and witnesses were waiting for us. We were quickly on the same wavelength, talking, laughing. The ceremony was held on the terrace of the town hall, for which we are really grateful. The sea to the right, the green hills to the left and the colourful houses of Riomaggiore below us. Just like in a fairy tale. Beautiful sunshine, blue sky, nice ceremony, and of course prosecco at the end.

After the celebration on the terrace we walked down to the village. Our witnesses joined us for a while, then it was just us with our photographer, who was taking us around on hidden tiny streets, stopping at panorama terraces, in the small bay of Riomaggiore, on rocks and staircases. It was a fantastic experience. Even strangers were taking photos of us, and together with us, congratulating and even applauding us loudly. Later we took the train again and returned to Corniglia, now as a married couple.

We toasted with a large lemonade as it was really hot, then relaxed on the roof terrace of our house. We had our celebration dinner in a nearby restaurant with panorama, we enjoyed the amazing seafood. Following the big day we spent three more days in Corniglia, and for these days we moved up to another apartment in the house, with wonderful seaview.

Once we returned home, our family and friends shared our happiness, congratulated us and enjoyed looking at our photos. We are grateful for this experience and the truly happy feelings, we don't know if we'll ever feel the same in our lives. We are thankful to the Cinque Terre, Riomaggiore and our own brave decision.

Virág and Janó

Virág and Janó almost had to cancel their wedding, as Virág hurt her knee just a few days before the big day. In the end they decided to be brave and adventurous and they had a really fun time in the Cinque Terre. Their wedding was in Levanto, and they stayed at a beautiful farmhouse in Levanto. They had a photographer with them for 3 days and took many photos not just at the wedding, but also before and after, in different locations. The Via dell'Amore was still open, so they could place their love lock there. They also trashed a dress on the beach of Monterosso, which they really enjoyed.

Photo: Pyszny László,

Réka and Vilmos

We faced several difficulties while organising the wedding of Réka and Vilmos but in the end, it all worked out perfectly. They got married at the Town Hall of Riomaggiore, on the balcony, with the view of the village and the sea. The ceremony was short and casual, but they love that about Italy. After the wedding they spent more time in Riomaggiore, then traveled to Pisa and Firenze to continue their honeymoon. When they got home they surprised the whole family with the news that it was not just a simple holiday…