Cinque Terre - Wedding

Wedding in Italy

If you would like to have a special wedding on the Italian Riviera or in Tuscany, I am happy to help you with the organisation. You can have the ceremony in the villages of the Cinque Terre, Levanto or Portovenere, while in Tuscany there are many beautiful locations. As everyone has different ideas about the big day, we will plan the program and discuss all the details according to your wishes. Let me share with you the photos of Virág and Janó, as well as Réka and Vilmos, who got married in the Cinque Terre and also spent part of their honeymoon here.

Virág and Janó

Virág and Janó almost had to cancel their wedding, as Virág hurt her knee just a few days before the big day. In the end they decided to be brave and adventurous and they had a really fun time in the Cinque Terre. Their wedding was in Levanto, and they stayed at a beautiful farmhouse in Levanto. They had a photographer with them for 3 days and took many photos not just at the wedding, but also before and after, in different locations. The Via dell'Amore was still open, so they could place their love lock there. They also trashed a dress on the beach of Monterosso, which they really enjoyed.

Photo: Pyszny László,

Réka and Vilmos

We faced several difficulties while organising the wedding of Réka and Vilmos but in the end, it all worked out perfectly. They got married at the Town Hall of Riomaggiore, on the balcony, with the view of the village and the sea. The ceremony was short and casual, but they love that about Italy. After the wedding they spent more time in Riomaggiore, then traveled to Pisa and Firenze to continue their honeymoon. When they got home they surprised the whole family with the news that it was not just a simple holiday…