Cinque Terre - Camogli


Camogli was one of the nicest surprises for me in Liguria, it's just gorgeous! While nearby Portofino and Cinque Terre are world-famous tourist destinations, Camogli is still a well-kept secret. This slow-paced little town is, however, quite popular with North-Italians. During the past few years, it has become one of my favourite places in Liguria. In my next life, I would love to be a retired man in Camogli.

The picturesque beach of Camogli is lined by a row of tall houses, so-called palazzi. Some of them even have 8 floors. The houses are painted in different shades of pink, yellow, orange, green and terracotta, with green or yellow shutters. Around the windows, you can see trompe l'oeil paintings typical in Liguria. Camogli has always been a fishing village and these tall, colourful houses helped the fishermen find their way home when they were far out on the sea.

Under the houses there is a nice seaside promenade with wonderful bars, cafes and focaccia shops. It's one of those places where you could just sit around for hours with an aperol spritz or two and watch the waves or the sunset behind the church. If you walk around the church, you will find the fishing harbour of Camogli with restaurants, art shops and a lighthouse at the end of the pier. I love taking photos of the drying fishing nets with the colourful houses in the background.

If you walk one block up from the beach, you will find the main street of Camogli with regular shops and the railway station. If you were following my advice and arrived here having visited Santa Margherita Ligure, Portofino and San Fruttuoso, this is where you will finish your day. Maybe watch the sunset here then take an evening train back to the village where you are staying. Of course, you can do the whole circle the other way around but I think the lights are much better this way which is an important issue if you take lots of photos like me. You could also spend the entire day in Camogli, enjoy the laid back atmosphere and relax on the beach.

If you are in the area around the second Sunday of May, watch out for the Camogli Fish Festival and visit it if you can.

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