Liguria - Framura


Framura is a very interesting village, it has more levels. You don't meet many people here so it's a great place if you would like to hide away a bit from the world. We visited Framura in August, in the middle of the tourist season, but didn't really meet anyone apart from the kids playing basketball in the small street. Of course, there were more people on Framura's beaches.

You can arrive by car or train but it's more fun to bike here on the Levanto-Bonassola-Framura bicycle path. The EBike tour is also a great way to see Framura.

If you come by bike or train, you will arrive at the lowest part of the village, down by the sea. Here you will find a nice harbour full of colourful boats and a bar, which is open only during the season. If you want to get to the highest part of the village, be prepared for a nice climb! Framura is made of 5 smaller parts (so called frazione): Anzo, Castagnola, Costa, Ravecca and Setta. The higher you get, the better the view of course. In Framura, I saw a store, a bar and a pizzeria but all were closed during the siesta hours so if you'd like to have lunch here, make sure you come around noon.

There are several beaches around the village. "Porto Pidocchio" bay is easy to reach, right from the bike path, before getting to Framura. At the very end of the path, you can find another bike rental place.

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