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About me

My affair with the Cinque Terre started in 2007. It was love at first sight. When my train first arrived at Riomaggiore and after the long dark tunnel, I suddenly saw the Mediterranean, I thought it had to be one of the most beautiful railway stations of the world. Then I walked along the pastel coloured main street and to the small harbour full of colourful fishing boats, and I was totally enchanted by this tiny village.

I am very lucky, as a tour guide I often returned to the Cinque Terre. I feel at home in the villages, I have hiked the trails, tasted the local specialties and got to know many local people.

I have transmitted this passion to many of my family and friends; they have joined me during some of my travels. Even when I don't work with groups, I just keep going back.

In the meantime, I have realized that many people have never heard of this beautiful place and there are very few websites that give extensive information about the Cinque Terre. So I have decided to use my local knowledge and the thousands of photos I have taken there, and create this website. I would like to help anyone who is planning a trip to this stunning region of Italy. I have tried to put all the important information on the site but of course I am happy to answer any further questions.

My hobby has slowly turned into a passionate business. I have 20 years experience in tourism, I worked as glacier guide in Canada and as marketing and product development director of a market-leading travel agency. I loved all my jobs but I always knew that one day I want to run my own little business and the time has come. Now that I spend most of my time taking care of my vivacious daughter, working flexible hours online from home is the best I can imagine.

So I can help you book your accommodation, a local tour or a boat. I have organised several weddings in the villages so if you are looking for a special place to say your vows, let me know. The Cinque Terre is a cool place for team-building as well, with a great variety of activities, so companies are also welcome to contact me.

During the past 14 years I also discovered other parts of Liguria and I can help you with bookings outside of the Cinque Terre as well. Of course, I am always searching for new things to see and new trails to hike so if you have any ideas for me, if you find a jewel that is not mentioned on this site, don't hesitate to drop me a line.

UPDATE 2021: It’s been 14 years that I have been travelling around Italy, as an Intrepid Travel tour guide with groups, as a destination specialist with journalists and film crews, with my family and with friends to have fun, and to work on my own travel business. With tens of thousands of Italian photos on my hard drive, uncountable stories and adventures in my memory and wonderful feelings in my heart, I have been planning a new blog about Italy for years. I want to share my stories and my passion for all things Italian, show my favourite photos, give you inspiration if you are travelling to this amazing country and as a travel expert of Italy help you organise your trip, do your bookings and make the most of your holiday.

As an advocate for slow travel I encourage everyone to travel slow and experience more, to travel in a responsible, sustainable way. So my new website is not for those who want to rush through this amazing country. It's for those who want to avoid mass tourism, discover hidden gems, connect with local people and support local communities. Read about slow travel in Italy on my new website:

Enjoy browsing and let me help you plan your perfect holiday in Italy.


About me