Cinque Terre - Swimming

Swimming and beaches

Travelers often rush through the Cinque Terre in a day or two and don't spend a longer summer holiday here, as they think there are no good beaches in this area. Well, it's true that the Cinque Terre is not famous for its long sandy beaches, but for me, the sea around here is so much more exciting. The coastline is varied, full of small bays and beaches, some of them in the middle of nature, others just below the colourful houses of a fishing village. The wonderfully turquoise Ligurian Sea is all around you, so you can enjoy sightseeing, hiking or eating, then jump in the water wherever you feel like it. If you prefer more ordinary but still breathtaking beaches, you will find many close to the Cinque Terre so you can enjoy them doing short day trips. Once you see the photos below, I am pretty sure you will bring your swimsuit with you.

Riomaggiore has a beach with big rocks and pebbles. You can find it if you follow the path to the left from the little fishing harbour. It's in a beautiful natural environment, just rocks and sea. Don't look for locker rooms, showers or ice cream vendors here. Can be a bit difficult to walk around the big rocks but it's a nice place for a swim if you are staying in Riomaggiore.

Swimming in Riomaggiore

In the small harbour of Manarola, you can sunbathe on the rocks, and dive into the sea (or use the small ladder). The water is deep, so for good swimmers only! This is one of my favourite swimming spots in the Cinque Terre, especially late afternoon. I just love floating on my back and looking at the vivid colours of the houses of Manarola right above me.

Swimming in Manarola

Corniglia can be found 100 meters above sea level so many believe that the village does not have a beach. Well, there are actually 3 areas for swimming around here. My favourite is the hidden little bay behind and below the village. You can reach it following the Marina sign. Of course, you have to walk down many steps, for about 5 minutes. To me, this is paradise! The water is beautiful and clean, and while you are swimming, you can enjoy the view of the green terraces in the background. The water is deep, so for good swimmers only.

Swimming in Corniglia

You can find a beach below the railway station of Corniglia. You have to go down the steps at the station and start walking towards Manarola. When you get to the end of the row of old cabins on your left, you will find an entrance to an underpass. It's kind of hard to notice first, so look for it! The steps will take you down to the beach. You will also see some directions written on the ground. Alternatively, you can keep going and you will find some steps on your right going down to the beach. The last time I was there, the bottom part of the steps was missing but it was replaced by a wooden ladder. So it's a bit of an adventure to get there but you will find a nice relaxed beach with big stones, many of them are beautifully shaped by the elements of nature.

Swimming in Corniglia

If you are even more adventurous, visit the secluded Guvano beach between Corniglia and Vernazza. You can reach it through an old railway tunnel. Walk down the Lardarina steps from Corniglia, turn right and walk towards the lonely house there. You will find the tunnel entrance near the house. I am not sure what the current situation is but the last time I was there, it was open. The tunnel is completely dark, so take a good flashlight with you. You'll be walking in pitch dark for about 20 minutes and at some points you will feel that it's just an endless tunnel. Someone even called it a "horror tunnel". But don't worry, it will end and you will find yourself on the other side of Corniglia, in a beautiful oasis of olive trees. From here, you can descend to the beach on a steep path. If you are scared in the dark or feel claustrophobic but still would love to see this beach, just rent a boat and get to Guvano from Vernazza.

It's a "clothing optional" beach so only go there if nude people do not bother you. There are usually not too many people around so you can surely find a peaceful corner for your towel. If you are looking for a secret, wild beach, totally immersed in nature, don't miss Guvano. One warning though: I was told that sometimes there are weird people around. So don't go alone as a woman, and don't take valuables with you. Otherwise, don't worry, just enjoy this magical place!

Swimming in Corniglia

And here is another photo of Guvano beach for you, as seen from San Bernardino.

Swimming in Corniglia

In Vernazza, there is a small sandy beach (good for kids as well), and you can also swim at the end of the pier, among the boats. (The water is deep here, so this area is for good swimmers only.) This is one of my favourite places; it is a fantastic experience to swim among the colourful boats with Vernazza's beautiful main square in the background.

Swimming in Vernazza

During the horrible flood of October 25, 2011 Vernazza was devastated. At the same time, the forces of nature have created a new rocky beach. You can reach it from the main street, crossing a small tunnel.

Swimming in Vernazza

In Monterosso, there are two long beaches with sand and pebbles. Most of the area is private with sun beds and beach umbrellas so you have to pay for it. However, there are also free beaches, for example in front of the railway station, or at the right end of the beach, towards the statue of the Giant. In front of the station, you can also use the locker rooms for a couple of euros. In the low season the entire beach is free.

Swimming in Monterosso

For the best swimming experience along the Cinque Terre coastline, just rent a boat or book a boat tour from Manarola. When we went on the "Cinque Terre from the sea" tour we swam under a small waterfall, in a cave and stopped at a hidden beach, which was the smallest beach I have ever seen. It was a fantastic experience, the water had amazing colours and there was nobody around us. If you love swimming, you should not miss this experience.

If you are looking for traditional beaches with sand and pebbles, you can find many of them between the Cinque Terre and Genoa. They are all suitable for the whole family. Just hop on the train and go to Levanto. If you rent a bike and ride along the coastal bike path, you can enjoy the beaches of Levanto, Bonassola and Framura in the same day. Deiva Marina, Moneglia and Sestri Levante all have nice beaches perfect for kids.

Swimming in Deiva Marina

If you do a day trip to Portofino, you can swim in many bays between Santa Margherita Ligure and Portofino. Also, three of my favourite swimming spots are around there. Paraggi is an absolute highlight, the water looks like in an exotic sea. This protected marine area is full of fish so take your snorkeling equipment and some bread with you. San Fruttuoso is another must, with its 10th-century abbey right at the beach. To finish a wonderful trip around the Portofino peninsula, go for a swim in Camogli and watch the colourful palazzi glowing in the lights of the setting sun.

Swimming in Paraggi

Another day, discover the Gulf of Poets. Go to Portovenere, you will also find some beaches along the way. You can take the ferry or water taxi to Palmaria island and swim there. On the other side of the gulf, marvellous sandy beaches are waiting for you around Lerici and Tellaro.

Swimming in Lerici