Cinque Terre - Maps

Cinque Terre maps

My husband is a geographer and he has been crazy about maps since he was a small child, so we had fun creating these different maps of Cinque Terre for you. I hope these maps will help you understand where is Cinque Terre in Italy, how you can get around or where you can go for a swim.

Map of Italy

The Cinque Terre can be found in the north western part of Italy, in Liguria, close to the border between Liguria and Tuscany. On the map below you can see the exact location of the Cinque Terre. You can easily reach the five villages from Pisa, Florence, Genoa or Milano, but you can also take a fast train from Rome or Venice. The Cinque Terre is surrounded by the turquoise Ligurian sea.

Map of Italy

Map of Eastern Liguria

Eastern Liguria offers so many things to see and do, that you should try to spend at least 4-5 nights here. Once you have visited the five villages of Cinque Terre and hiked some of the many trails, you should do some daytrips in the area. Moving south you will find the wild Tramonti coast which is also a hikers' paradise. There is also the Bay of La Spezia with gems like Portovenere, Lerici and Tellaro. If you travel towards Genoa, the Portofino peninsula is a must, but there are several picturesque villages and towns along the way. On the map below I show you some of my favourite places not far from the Cinque Terre.

Map of Eastern Liguria

Cinque Terre map

On the Cinque Terre map below you can see the five villages, Riomaggiore, Manarola, Corniglia, Vernazza and Monterosso, surrounded by the Cinque Terre National Park. On the second map we take a closer look at the five villages, and we have even added my husband's drawings. (Yes, he has many talents.)

Map of Cinque Terre

Map of Cinque Terre with drawings

How to get around the Cinque Terre

Between the five villages you can take the train or the boat, but you can also drive on the winding panoramic road. On this map we show you where the railway is running along the coast, through the tunnels, which villages you can reach by boat and also the road above the villages.

Map of getting around in the Cinque Terre

Cinque Terre hiking map

But for the most amazing experience, you should hike from one village to the other. There are 100 kms of paths in the area, all of them offering great views of nature around you, the villages and the sea. You can find the map of Cinque Terre hiking trails below. If you'd prefer hiking with a local hiking guide, or book one of the great self-guided hikes, check out the possibilities on my Cinque Terre tours page. Please note that to hike on the coastal Blue Path between Corniglia and Monterosso, you need to buy the Cinque Terre Card.

Map of hiking trails in the Cinque Terre

Map of Cinque Terre beaches

Although the Cinque Terre is not famous for its long sandy beaches (except the one in Monterosso), there are many wonderful rocky bays where you can enjoy swimming in the crystal clear water. On the map below you can see the beaches and bays of the Cinque Terre. Some of them, like the Guvano beach can only be reached by kayak or boat, check out the boat tours or kayak tours on my Cinque Terre tours page.

Map of beaches and bays in the Cinque Terre