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Pesto course in Levanto

Pesto course in Levanto

Since 1976, in the historical center of Levanto, the laboratory of pesto has been preparing the most ancient and well-known sauce in the world. In this laboratory you will have the chance to learn how to make pesto sauce with your own hands, following the tradition.

After enjoying a glass of sparkling wine accompanied by a local extra virgin olive oil on a bruschetta, you will taste pesto made with the modern method. Then you will assist the demonstration and explanation of the pesto sauce made with mortar. Finally the moment will come to make your own pesto with the mortar: wash and dry the basil leaves, pound them together with salt, pine nuts and garlic, add the parmesan cheese and at the end the extra virgin olive oil. You will get a concentrated and perfumed pesto cream, which can be used on pasta or on a slice of bruschetta.

At the end you will enjoy your own hand-made pesto together with a glass of white wine and some typical local products such as taggiasche olives (small and black olives from Liguria), bruschetta with anchovies and a typical pastry with limoncino.

With my groups, I attended this pesto course several times. We always had lot of fun and enjoyed the delicious food and wine. The lady is a wonderful person, and in her shop you can also find great hand-made Ligurian gifts to take home.

  • Available every day, except Tuesdays.
  • Meeting in Levanto, at 11:00AM or 5:00PM. (Time can change according to the season.)
  • Duration: 1 hour.
  • Price: 39 EUR/person. (29 EUR for children aged 4-12 years.)
  • Minimum 2, maximum 30 participants.

Price includes: pesto course with mortar, pesto tasting with a glass of wine and local appetizers, olive oil tasting, printed recipe.


Hi Tamara! We had a wonderful experience! Thank you so much! We absolutely loved the pesto course and the teacher. The pesto was delicious, we learned a lot about the production of the ingredients, and the instructor had a great balance between learning about the food and making the food. It was perfect!

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